We are.

A new generation advisory and development partner for the financial sector.

Uhma is the partner for
development in the financial sector.

Uhma is a combination of extensive and profound knowledge of investment business, along with a strong technological and development methodology expertise.

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What Uhma offers.

Uhma provides its customers with experienced finance professionals to join projects in roles such as project managers and data experts. Our teams experience in portfolio management, leading large projects, and practical implementation forms the foundation for effective communication with all project stakeholders.

In addition, we carry out custom orders in our key areas of expertise:


Investing processes
and architecture

Data management
ja reporting

Venture capital and private equity

Uhma is the solution.

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Saku Sairanen

Over ten years of experience as a portfolio manager and analyst in various asset classes. Responsible for all development projects for the front office, undertaking several system and process development projects.

+358 40 724 5155

Santtu Saijets

Eight years of experience in development roles in the front office as a portfolio manager and quantitative analyst. Has undertaken numerous development projects in various roles, ranging from a full-stack developer to project owner.

+358 50 571 3409

Sami Aho

Ten years of experience as a team leader, portfolio manager and quantitative analyst. Has worked with several system and application development projects in roles ranging from a developer to project owner.

+358 44 584 3617

Timo Ruoholinna

Over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in the banking and financial industry. Led Nordea’s institutional investor services and was responsible for the successful execution of multiple development projects. Years of experience in managing key areas and strategic work within the investment organization.

+358 50 64147

Jean-Francois Tapprest

Over 20 years of experience in leadership roles at one of Europe’s leading banks. A track record of successful projects in digitizing and optimizing various bank processes, as well as implementing new innovations.


Katja Einesalo

Extensive and versatile expertise in responsible investing across various asset classes with a deep understanding of regulation. Over fifteen years of experience in capital markets, working with various type of companies from startups to major investment institutions.


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